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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Mac App Store and WebCatalog version?

Both versions of Singlebox are identical in terms of features. But,

  • WebCatalog version:
    • Available on macOS, Windows, Linux.
    • Is bundled with WebCatalog. To get the full version of Singlebox, you’ll need to upgrade to WebCatalog Plus.
    • Receives feature updates faster.
  • Mac App Store version:
    • Available on macOS.
    • Can be purchased alone.
    • Receives feature updates slower, but is more stable.
I’ve purchased Singlebox through WebCatalog Store (formerly Atomery Store). Where can I download it?

We’re merged Singlebox into WebCatalog and bundled it as part of WebCatalog (read full announcement).

With the change, you can download Singlebox through WebCatalog and use your Singlebox license to activate WebCatalog Plus perpetually.