Skywhale is now part of Singlebox

Skywhale is a browser app which lets you pin favorite websites to the menu bar for quick access.

Download Singlebox to get access to all the features from Skywhale and much much more!

If you’re using the existing Skywhale app, the app will continue to work but will not receive future updates.


Migration is simple! You just need to download and install the Singlebox app. To make Singlebox work similarly to Skywhale, after installation, go to Settings > Windows & Menubar, then enable Attach to menubar and Show subspace shortcuts on menu bar.

Your Skywhale Plus licenses are transferrable to Singlebox Plus, free of charge .

  • If you have purchased Skywhale Plus from our website, you can simply use the Skywhale Plus licence key to activate Singlebox Plus.
  • If you have purchased Skywhale Plus from the Mac App Store, please contact us and we will issue you a Singlebox Plus licence key.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate your setup and data from Skywhale to Singlebox.


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.